List of All Public, Private, commercial Banks in Bangladesh

একটি দেশের ব্যাংকিং লেনদেন যতটা ভাল হবে, তা থেকেই বুঝতে হবে ঐ দেশের অর্থনৈতিক অবস্থা ততোটা ভাল। একটি দেশের বাণিজ্যিক লেনদেনে ঐ দেশের ব্যাংক এর ভুমিকা সব থেকে বেশি। After liberation war of 1972, State Bank of Pakistan (Dhaka Branch) has been converted to the Bangladesh Bank. Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh which founded on December 16, 1971 and it is a member of the Asian clearing union.

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List of All Public, Private commercial Banks in Bangladesh
List of All Public, Private commercial Banks in Bangladesh

In this article, I am going to share list of All Public, Private commercial Banks in Bangladesh as like State Owned Commercial Banks or Government bank or public bank in Bangladesh, Private Commercial Banks (Non-Government bank), Islamic Commercial Bank list, Foreign Commercial Bank and Non-banking financial institutions in Bangladesh.

Public commercial banks in Bangladesh

Right now (May 2021) there are total 8 public banks/ Government Bank found in Bangladesh Bank database ( while 2 specialized banks are currently operating their services beside of 6 public commercial banks in Bangladesh.

State Owned Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

  1. Agrani Bank LTD
  2. Janata Bank LTD
  3. Sonali Bank LTD
  4. Rupali Bank LTD
  5. BASIC Bank LTD
  6. Bangladesh Development Bank LTD (BDBL)

State Owned Specialized Banks in Bangladesh

  1. Bangladesh Krishi Bank
  2. Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank (RAKUB)

Private commercial banks in Bangladesh

The private banks owned by the private group of company in Bangladesh. Right now (May 2021) 40 private commercial banks in Bangladesh. There are two type of Private Bank in Bangladesh.

1. Conventional Private commercial banks.
2. Islami Shariah Based Private commercial banks.

List of Bangladesh Conventional Private commercial banks

Right now in Bangladesh in total 30 conventional Private commercial banks (PCBs). They perform the banking functions in conventional fashion (interest-based operations).

  1. AB Bank Limited
  2. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited
  3. Bank Asia Limited
  4. BRAC Bank Limited
  5. Dhaka Bank Limited
  6. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
  7. Eastern Bank Limited
  8. Global Islami Bank Ltd
  9. IFIC Bank Limited
  10. Jamuna Bank Limited
  11. Meghna Bank Limited
  12. Mercantile Bank Limited
  13. Midland Bank Limited
  14. Modhumoti Bank Limited
  15. Mutual Trust Bank Limited
  16. National Bank Limited
  17. NCC Bank Limited
  18. NRB Commercial Bank Limited
  19. One Bank Limited
  20. PadmaBank Ltd
  21. The Premier Bank Limited
  22. Prime Bank Limited
  23. Pubali Bank Limited
  24. Shimanto Bank Ltd.
  25. SBAC Bank Ltd.
  26. Southeast Bank Limited
  27. The City Bank Limited
  28. Trust Bank Limited
  29. United Commercial Bank Ltd
  30. Uttara Bank Limited

List of Bangladesh Islami Shariah-Based Private commercial banks

There are 10 Islami Shariah-based Private commercial banks (PCBs) in Bangladesh and they execute banking activities according to Islami Shariah-based principles (Profit-Loss Sharing (PLS) mode).

  1. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd.
  2. EXIM Bank Ltd
  3. First Security Islami Bank Ltd
  4. ICB Islamic Bank Ltd
  5. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd
  6. Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd
  7. Social Islami Bank Ltd
  8. Union Bank Ltd
  9. Standard Bank Limited
  10. NRB Bank Limited

Foreign commercial banks (FCBs) in Bangladesh

Right now there are 9 Foreign commercial banks (FCBs) are operating in Bangladesh as the branches of the banks which are incorporated in abroad.

  1. Bank Al-Falah Islamic Bank (United Arab Emirates)
  2. HSBC (Hong Kong)
  3. National Bank of Pakistan (Pakistan)
  4. Citibank NA (United States of America)
  5. Standard Chartered Bank (United Kingdom)
  6. State Bank of India (India)
  7. Woori Bank (South Korea)
  8. Commercial Bank of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
  9. Habib Bank LTD (Pakistan)

Non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) in Bangladesh

Right now there are 35 Non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) are operating in Bangladesh which are regulated under Financial Institution Act, 1993 and controlled by Bangladesh Bank.

  1. Phoenix Finance and Investments LTD
  2. People’s Leasing and Financial Services LTD
  3. National Housing Finance and Investments LTD
  4. Meridian Finance and Investment LTD
  5. Realistic Finance Bank LTD
  6. Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB)
  7. Uttara Finance and Investments LTD
  8. United Leasing Company LTD
  9. Prime Finance & Investment LTD
  10. Premier Leasing & Finance LTD
  11. SUMON Bank
  12. Hajj Finance Company LTD
  13. Agrani SME Finance Company LTD
  14. First Lease Finance & Investment LTD
  15. GSP Finance Company (Bangladesh) LTD (GSPB)
  16. Bangladesh Industrial Finance Company LTD (BIFC)
  17. National Finance LTD
  18. MIDAS Financing LTD
  19. Islamic Finance and Investment LTD
  20. LankaBangla Finance LTD
  21. Infrastructure Development Company LTD (IDCOL)
  22. Industrial Promotion and Development Company of Bangladesh LTD (IPDC)
  23. Union Capital LTD
  24. FAS Finance & Investment LTD
  25. Fareast Finance & Investment LTD
  26. Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation LTD (DBH)
  27. Bay Leasing & Investment LTD
  28. The UAE-Bangladesh Investment Company LTD
  29. Industrial and Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IIDFC) LTD
  30. IDLC Finance LTD
  31. International Leasing and Financial Services LTD
  32. CAPM Venture Capital and Finance LTD
  33. Saudi-Bangladesh Industrial & Agricultural Investment Company LTD (SABINCO)
  34. Reliance Finance LTD
  35. Bangladesh Finance & Investment Company LTD

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