Bangladeshi a woman become a Snake Fake video information

Recently in Bangladeshi top Miracle news that “Bangladeshi a women become a Snake”. Some days ago I heard that news, but I was thinking it can be true or only fake information. After 4-6 days, I see a story Books which is written only for this Bangladesh snake woman and some story about how to become this woman in a Snake. After that my friends are finding that Bangladesh snake woman video, almost my families are wanted to see that video. When I see that video and I can never explain that, what will I do?

Bangladeshi a woman become a Snake video information

Now I want to say some thing about this video. I don’t know that is it right? But first I want to say that- who makes us, he can do every thing. Yes I talk to about our God. Allah can do every thing. We can learn that information from this world history and Muslim history. God loves us. But some people make it only funny. They don’t believe Allah’s Miracle. So they make some story for there business or fun only. It is very danger for our Muslim people. Only I want to say that- “It is totally a fake video“. Please don’t believe any fake information or fake story with out any proved. Allah Rahamanur Rahim loves us very much. I request that see this video properly and you also think it’s not real. There are a horror music in this video and that women snake are not running or moved any time. Video religion also very bad. Over-all that video is not taken from in Bangladesh. Plz……… Plz………. Don’t believe that story and say other for Don’t believe.

Bangladesh snake is woman 3gp video, A girl who became snake

আল্লাহর গজবে বাংলাদেশী মহিলা সাপ কেন? আর অনেক কিছু হতে পারে। কিন্তু কোন গুজব বা কোন মিথ্যা গুজবে, ভালভাবে না জেনে কোন কিছু বিশাস করাটা কি ঠিক? আমি সকলের প্রতি অনুরোধ করব, নিজে ভালভাবে জানুন এবং অন্যকে সঠিক তথ্য দিন। আর যারা ধর্মকে নিয়ে মিথ্যা প্রচার চালায়, তাদেরকে বলব, “আপনার মিথ্যা গুজব আপনার উপর সত্য না হয়”। নিচে কিছু আল্লাহর সৃষ্টী কিছু MIRACLE ভিডিও দেয়া হল। আশা করি সকলে নিজ মতামত দিবেন। আল্লাহ আপনাকে আমাকে সবাইকে মাফ করুক। -আমিন

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Bangladeshi a woman become a Snake Fake video:

It is taken from Indonesia Download this video

There are given some Real video, you can say that Allah Miracle. It’s real in human life. It’s not fake information or Fake video, If u see, you must understand.

Abigail and Brittany Hensel “Due Ragazze con un corpo solo”:

Bebe con dos cabezas:

Nacen en India siameses que comparten tronco y piernas:

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