Model Prova and Apurbo’s Post-Marriage info & photo gallery

Bangladeshi two top class models and Actors Ziaul Faruq Apurbo and Sadia Jahan Prova tied the knot on 19 August, 2010. They ware gone for Eid Natok shooting and Natok’s name “Paliya Biya” (পালিয়ে বিয়ে). They are Act lot of love drama sense some years and finally prova was week from some days on Apurbo. They take Post-Marriage and went for Mymensing and staying Apurbo’s friend’s house. After 3 days they back to Dhaka and 22th August, 2010 Apurbo and prova declares on media they get marriage.

Now model Sadia Jahan Prova staying with Apurbo on his Uttara flat. There are very happy with each others. Apurbo saiys that- ”My family accept prova and we will be arrange marage reception ceremony after this Eid with both of family. I believe that it become normal within few days.” And prova says that- “I’m happy, excited! I’d often be upset while shooting and others pointed that out too. That episode has now come to an end.”

Picture of Apurbo and Prova’s Post-marriage Life

Apurbo’s family are very happy to get Prova. But Prova’s family are not accept this marriage. When Prova’s father hearing this news, he become sick for high blood pressure and admitted in a aprivate clinic of Mohammadpur. Because Prova was engaged to her boy friend Rajib Hassan after 7 years of low-key-romance. There are planned to wedding ceremony on 17th December, 2010. prova’s family contact with Rajib’s family and say sorry for every thing.

Model prova and Apurbo eid natok photo

Apurbo and Prova love picture

Apurbo and Prova romance photo

Apurbo and Prova sexy picture

Apurbo & Prova marriage photo

Apurbo and Prova romance photo

Exclusive Photo Gallery of Apurbo and Prova

Apurbo and Prova’s Post-marriage Life

Apurbo and Prova marriage photo 🙂 Apurbo and Prova’s Post-marriage Life

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