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Eid album Tomar Opekkhai (তোমার অপেক্ষায়) by Shuvro Kazee 2011 Bangla mp3 song free download

Tomar Opekkhai by Shuvro Kazee Album Information:
Album Name: Tomar Opekkhai (তোমার অপেক্ষায়) [Eid Album 2011]
Lyricist/s: ShuvRo Kazee feat. Rinty
Genre: Band, Pop, Hip hop
Artist: ShuvRo Kazee feat. Rinty, Shokaal, Ovee, Tanzee, Lisa
Banner: Agniveena / G – Series
Total Tracks: 11
Audio Release: 22-08-2011

Bangladeshi very popular singer Shuvro Kazee released his new bangle album Tomar Opekkhai (তোমার অপেক্ষায়) for Eid Album August 2011 collection. Tomar Opekkhai is a Band, Pop, Classic type album by Shuvro Kazee . This Tomar Opekkhai by Shuvro Kazee bangle song Eid album 2011 best collection. In Bangladesh any CD/VCD shop selling this Tomar Opekkhai by Shuvro Kazee for Eid bangle album collection. There are given Tomar Opekkhai by Shuvro Kazee (2011) Bangla Band, Pop, Classic Mp3 Songs free download link. You can also download this album in a single click form a zip file or torrent link online.

Tomar Opekkhai by Shuvro Kazee 2011 Eid album Bangla mp3 song free download

Shuvro Kazee Ft Tomar Opekkhai (2011) Bangla Mp3 Song free download:
01. Shuvro Kazee-Shorger Epar Theke-Instrumental.mp3 – Download
02. Shuvro Kazee Ft. Lisa-Eka Darie Thaka.mp3 – Download
03. Shuvro Kazee Ft. Shokaal-Koshto.mp3 – Download
04. Shuvro Kazee-Nishongo Alapon.mp3 – Download
05. Shuvro Kazee Ft. Rinti-Ei Dinkaal.mp3 – Download
06. Shuvro Kazee-Jochonahoto.mp3 – Download
07. Shuvro Kazee Ft. Masum-Brishtir Kabbo.mp3 – Download
08. Shuro Kazee & Tanzee-Tomar Opekkhai.mp3 – Download
09. Shuvro Kazee-Ossustho Shotta.mp3 – Download
10. Shuvro Kazee Ft. Shokaal-Shishir Bheja Ghash.mp3 – Download
11. Various Artist-Summer Wine.mp3 – Download

Download in a Single File : 320 Kbps, 128 Kbps

Shuvro Kazee Ft Tomar Opekkhai (2011) Bangla Mp3 Song Eid album in one zip file:

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