Ahoban (আহ্বান!) by Habib Wahid new album 2011 Download | Ahoban Habib Bangla band mp3 song free Download & album Information

Ahoban by Habib Wahid Album Informations:
Album Name: Ahoban (আহ্বান)
Lyricist/s: Habib Wahid
Genre: Band, Classic, Hip Hop
Other Artist: Nancy, Kona & Ferdous Wahid
Artist:Habib Wahid, Ferdous Wahid, Nancy, Kona
Estimated playlist length: 00:40:01
Total Tracks: 09
Banner: Banglalink
Audio Release : April 29, 2011

Ahoban (আহ্বান) is a popular Singer-composer Habib Wahid’s latest album 2011.  It is Habib Wahid’s 1st album in 2011 which is Released 29-05-2011. Ahoban by Habib Wahid new music album was exclusively released on Banglalink Music Station. Its Radio Media partner also Radio Today. Already Habib Wahid published lot of popular Bangla band, Hip hop song album like Krishno (2003), Maya (2004), Moina Go… (2005), Shono (2006), Panjabiwala (2007), Bolchi Tomake (2008), Aboseshe (2008) etc. This album Ahoban (আহ্বান!) by Habib make it after a long time. In this album total 9 song by Habib Wahid, Ferdous Wahid, Nancy, Kona which are Lyricist/s by Habib Wahid. There are given Ahoban (আহ্বান)– Habib Wahid’s new album (2011) Band, Classic, Hip Hop Mp3 Songs free download link. You can also download Ahoban by Habib Wahid album in a single click form a zip file.

Ahoban (আহ্বান!) by Habib Wahid new album 2011 Download | Ahoban Habib Bangla band mp3 song free Download & album Information

Ahoban (আহ্বান!) by Habib Wahid new album 2011 MP3 song Free Download:

01. Ahoban by Habib Wahid – Ahoban – Habib Wahid – Download
02. Ahoban by Habib Wahid – Tumi Je Amar Thikana – Habib & Nancy – Download
03. Ahoban by Habib Wahid – Ar Nei Bhalobasha – Habib Wahid – Download
04. Ahoban by Habib Wahid – Ki Je Holo Aj – Habib & Nancy – Download
05. Ahoban by Habib Wahid – Ek Jhak Payra – Habib Wahid – Download
06. Ahoban by Habib Wahid – Lukochuri – Habib & Kona – Download
07. Ahoban by Habib Wahid – Bhule Jeo Na – Habib Wahid – Download
08. Ahoban by Habib Wahid – Chokhe Chokhe – Habib Wahid – Download
09. Ahoban by Habib Wahid – O Mishti Meye – Ferdous Wahid – Download

Habib Wahid saying about his new album Ahoban (আহ্বান) 2011:Ahoban by habib Bangla new song album download
Everything I have done till now, be it big or small, in terms of music has only been possible because of Allah’s will and blessings and my parents prayers. It is because of all that, I have the love of all my fans today! Thanks you so much for all you love and endless support! I thank all my family and friends from the bottom of my heart for being with me. Working with Banglalink has always been a pleasure since 2005 and I must say it was no different this time either. I had a lot of fun making “Moyna Go” and Now “Ahoban”. Hope you guys like this album! And lost but not the least…Please remember me in your prayers whenever it’s possible! 🙂
Special Thanks: Nancy and Kona- I’m very thankful to them for lending their beautiful voices in their respective songs to give it the life it needed! Mr. Ferdous Wahid- As always, he finished it off with his ever young and fresh voice… it was fun making “o mishti meye” and hope we can make a lot more in the future! 🙂

Download Ahoban by Habib Wahid in a Single File : 320 Kbps, 128 Kbps

Ahoban by Habib Wahid’s Bangla Band Mp3 Song in one zip file:

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