Avro Converter (Beta Edition 3.1) Free download

Avro keyboard is the first bangle keyboard for desktop and online in Bangladesh. It is full free for all in the world. New Release Avro Keyboard Portable Edition 4.5.1 on 2 July, 2007. Now Avro can convert Bangla document.

Avro converter is the first free Bangla document converter for all-in-one. Using Avro converter, you can convert your old ASCII/ANSI Based Bangla Documents to latest Bangla Unicode Standard form and not loosing your document formatting. The current release supports conversiong form- Bijoy to Unicode, Alpona professional to Unicode, Proshika Shabda to Unicode, Proborton to Unicode. The current release supports are- Copy>Paste, Plain text file, Rich text file, Microsoft Word Document file, Microsoft Access Database etc.

You can free download Avro Converter (Beta Edition 3.1)  is very easily on omicronlab.com or download Avro Converter (Beta Edition 3.1)  by click this flowing links-
Download Avro Converter 3.0 (Beta Edition)

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